There is a strong foreign market for high-quality locally grown pulses, cereals, and oilseeds. We export Canadian grain commodities to importers and wholesalers all over the world. St. Paul Seed Processing proactively explores new markets, connecting buyers and sellers. We visit buyers to identify demand needs and build relationships. 

Partnering with St. Paul Seed Processing as a producer or as a buyer, is win-win. For producers we work with you to find new markets for your crop and ensure that your product is ‘export-ready.’ For buyers, we find you a secure, top-quality supply to fulfill your demand needs. We walk you through the exporting process, ensuring paperwork is handled and the whole experience is as enjoyable as possible. 

St. Paul Seed Processing is your local drop-off/pick up point for exporting. Open all year round from 8am – 5pm Mountain Time, find us here