It starts with seed treatments. 

Seed treatments are a safe and effective way to protect the seed at its most vulnerable stage. Consider seed treatments as an assurance program. Treatments can give plants a healthy start. Treating your seed may increase your crop yields. Seed treatments may also decrease the frequency that you need to spray, resulting in potential time management, production savings, and environmental benefits.

Every seed counts. You need the right dose on each seed, which is why we offer dual application for even coating of each seed. Contact us for more information.

Improve your profit potential through seed cleaning. 

Seed cleaning will likely increase your crop’s quality grade and/or meet strict buyer demands. Cleaning removes debris and weed seed, while improving the condition of your harvested seed.  

At St. Paul Seed Processing we have a full range of processing equipment to fulfill any of your cleaning, sorting, grading, or treatment needs. Included in our equipment lineup is a colour sorter. Colour sorters work like a human eye, detecting multiple defects based on both colour and shape. Our colour sorter offers the greatest precision possible to separate unwanted materials from your grain.

We process both pedigreed and commercial grain. Need help with dockage removal and export preparation? We’ve got the experience and expertise for the most efficient service.

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