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Seed | St. Paul Seed Processing


Variety Description Yield Lodging Sprouting Disease Resistance
Loose Smut Stripe Rust Leaf Spot FHB
AAC Brandon, CWRS Short, strong straw. Slightly earlier than AC® Carberry. High test weight. 114 VG P MR MR I MR
AAC Foray VB, CPS Red Top yield with midge tolerance in CPS wheat. High quality with early maturity. 128 G G MS MR R MR
AAC Penhold, CPS Red High protein. Shortest, strongest straw of CPS wheats. 118 G VG I MR I MR
AAC Redwater CWRS Early maturing (5 days earlier). Good grade retention. Short, strong straw. 103 G VG MS MR MS I
AAC Ryley, CPS Red Awned, early maturing with high yield potential, improved protein, and good disease resistance. 118 G G I S MS MS
AC® Carberry, CWRS Awned, semi-dwarf high protein variety. Short, strong straw for fast, efficient harvest. 107 VG F MR MR MS MR

Source: Alberta Seed Guide


Variety Description Yield Agronomic Characteristics Disease Resistance
Test Weight TKW Ht (cm) Ldg Loose smut Other smut Root rot Scald Net Form Bit FHB
AC® Metcalfe, Malt Barley Recommended' status from Cdn Malting Barley Technical Centre. Long standing 2-row check. Large, plump kernels. Established market demand. 100 52 46 79 F R I I S S I
CDC Austenson, Feed Barley 2-row malting barley with top yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size with plumpness. 112 54 46 78 G S R S I MS I
CDC Copeland, Malt Barley 2-row malting barley with good staw strength. Combines excellent brewing characteristics wih lower protein and enzyme levels. 'Recommended' status with established market demand. 103 51 47 81 F MS I I S I I

Source: Alberta Seed Guide


Variety Description Yield Lodging Plump % Disease Resistance
Crown Rust Stem Rust
AC Morgan White hulled milling oat. The standard for yield and milling. 100 VG 82 S S

Source: Alberta Seed Guide